“You Can’t Be A Talking Head”: Acting Class for The Tempest Continues

Acting instructor John Frazier gives the students instructions for an exercise: “Pick a word from your chosen monologue, just one word, and keep repeating it.”  A storm of words springs forth from the students and fills the room: monster, roaring, devil, listen, overthrown, first, hunted, Lord.

So began part two of John Frazier’s three-class workshop in acting and script analysis. 

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First Annual Common Good Atlanta Conference

Our First Annual Common Good Conference demonstrated not only the profound depth of the incarcerated scholars’ academic work, but also their remarkable poise, grace, humor, warm human interaction, and insatiable intellectual curiosity.

Paulo Freire said that “reading is not walking on the words; it’s grasping the soul of them.” At the first Common Good Conference, the scholars grasped the soul of words. And they then projected those words onto the souls of other scholars.

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